Kate Actress raises eyebrows about marriage with latest Instagram move

The thespian has made major changes to her social media

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• KOT have noticed one person has been removed.

• Kate is yet to comment on what she is upto.

Kate the actress
Image: Instagram

Kate Actress is set to travel to South Africa to join the cast of Bridgerton for an exclusive premier in South Africa.

Meanwhile, the actress has raised eyebrows after allegedly deleting her husband's pictures from her Instagram page, something that normally indicates problems in a relationship.

(N.B: That's not to say that that is what happened here)

The mother of two has only left a birthday post about her daughter Njeri that was shared 16 weeks ago.

The award-winning actress may simply be changing her social media to promote only her career and not that anything is wrong in her marriage.

While pictures of her man may be deleted, Kate does retain her marital name Catherine Kamau Karanja.

Philip Karanja and his wife Kate Actress.
Image: courtesy

But it could also be to draw our attention to something she is working on. Clout chasing has become the norm as popular Kenyans gear up to release projects or announce collaborations they are working on.

Celebrities are at times known to change the direction they take online as they direct fans' attention to their careers and other side hustles they do.

The NAFSI actress on her Instagram stories keeps away from commenting on anything on sharing behind-the-scenes clips of her and Jackie Matubia dressed for a Bridgerton lunch in a Kenyan hotel. 

Netflix will host an exclusive premiere event in South Africa. The exclusive premiere event is on 16 April to launch Shondaland's Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.

The series, written and produced by Shonda Rhimes, is a prequel spin-off about Queen Charlotte - a fan-favourite character portrayed by accomplished Guyanese-British actor Golda Rosheuvel.

Rosheuvel and Thomas will be in good company as the high-society Bridgerton-themed event will be attended by Nigerian, Tanzanian, Kenyan, and South African personalities, actors, and influencers.

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