...niliwacha baba, sio pesa zake...Amber Ray brags about split with Rapudo

The socialite shared a video being pampered at a spa

ā€¢ The pregnant lady has been seen spending time recently with her former lover, Jimal Rohosafi.

Kennedy Rapudo with Amber Ray.
Image: Instagram

Amber Ray is reacting to fans who speculate that she will be broken after splitting up with her lover Kennedy Rapudo. 

Amber shared a video of being pampered at a spa and said she left Rapudo but is still enjoying his money.

"Wale wa oh ā€œumeachwa sasa utatesekaā€ šŸ˜… niliwacha baba sio pesa zakešŸ¤£ baby girl treatment lazima iendeleeā€¦. mimba will always remain ya TajirišŸ„³ anyway Wacha tuendelee kuglow."

Recently, Amber Ray has been spotted enjoying quality time with her ex-lover Jimal Rohosafi while pregnant with Rapudo's child. Amber announced a split with Rapudo a few days ago.

"A new day to start as a single mother of two. Done with love," she wrote on her Insta stories.

"Kuna hii tabia ya watu wakitoka in my life, they run so social media and start tarnishing my name and I've always kept quiet and their secrets till to date... but I'm tired now. If any of my ex's friends or boyfriends) comes for me, we jua I'm willing to go to hell and come back! This time I will fight for myself."

Rapudo then hinted that in a few months, Kenyans would know what broke them up. Fans then speculated about the paternity of the child.

"A lie has so many variations. The truth has none. In less than two months, we'll all know the truth and the cause of breakup. Ni hayo tu kwa sasa."

He then took back his words, "Wee, Kenyans with conclusions. The baby is mine and I'll take care of it with or without a breakup. I've never shied away from parental duties."

A fan asked Rapudo in a Q and A session on his Instagram if he would come out and do an interview about the breakup.

He said; "There is no story to tell. We've had some good memories and I am looking forward to having my daughter. I think that's what matters for now."

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