Mungai Eve celebrates her 23rd birthday

• Mungai Eve is among the most famous Youtuber in Kenya.

• She is in a relationship with videographer, photographer and creative Trevor.

Mungai Eve turns 23.

Kenyan You Tuber Mungai Eve is today celebrating her 23rd birthday.

The content creator took to her socials to celebrate her birthday in a beautiful post below

"Chapter 23🥹❤️I am a year older on this beautiful day🥹❤️❤️ .

I am thankful to God for the far He has brought me,looking back I never knew I would be where I am today.

But he had carefully crafted my existence and knows me better than anyone does."

Her wish on her big day?

"On this day I pray for wisdom ,good health ,happiness and success upon my life🙏.

Dear self I am very proud of you ,the world is your stage and you’ve played diligently so far, may you always shine brighter.

To everyone who has been part of my journey I will be forever grateful and I love you so much🥹❤️.Cheers to myself for surviving another year🥂🥂. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!

For her age, Mungai Eve has achieved a lot.

She is an influencer and a brand ambassador for big companies in Kenya.

She has also been alot of pressure by fans to become a mum.

 Mungai says she is not in a rush adding that she wants to first chase the bag.

The content creator is always being harassed to get kids

Eve and her boyfriend Trevor Director are always facing constant and almost obsessive pressure to get kids from their fans, something that gets stifling for the two.

A few months ago she told fans that everyone had their own plans in life and added that being a woman didn't mean her only purpose was to get children!

"I am honestly so tired of this ‘when will you get children’ question or when are you getting pregnant. Who said we want kids right now? Can everyone just live their lives the way they want because nobody will help you raise that child when you bring them into this world.”

She went on to observe the travails of an unplanned pregnancy saying;

“If you are not ready to get children, getting pregnant can be your worst nightmare. Because having a baby will change you forever!

Similarly, it may be scary to get a glimpse of the supreme power if you are not yet ready for it because it will change you forever.

You will lose yourself and a new you will emerge,” she explained.

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