Happy couple Samidoh and Edday throw super bash for last-born (photos)

Samidoh and Edday publicly reunited for their daughters birthday

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Their daughter turned one.

• The couple put up a united front for their family.

samidoh daughter turns one
samidoh daughter turns one

Samidoh and his wife Edday Nderity held a beautiful birthday party for their last-born daughter. The little girl turned one year old and her parents were excited to celebrate their child.

They held a party for the young girl as they gushed over her in beautiful dedications.

"To my daughter, 'A parent's job is never over, it just evolves with time. No matter how many birthdays you celebrate, I'll always be your mama. More blessings!' #nothingbutprayers," the mother of three told under the pictures.

Edday took to her Instagram to share several pictures of the family posing behind a birthday banner.

"Amazing party it was, thanks family and friends for joining us to celebrate my daughter's first year's birthday, the party was on fire the energy was on another level."

samidoh and wife at daughers party
samidoh and wife at daughers party

In a video on her Instagram stories, Edday showed Samidoh cradling their daughter and serenading her, using a song from his album.

The song which is geared toward parents and children told of his love for her. Family and friends stood around Samidoh taking videos of the moment as he danced around the stage with the other children standing behind him.

Samidoh carrying his last-born daughter.
Image: Instagram/Samidoh
The couple's last-born daughter.

Below are some comments from fans who responded to the photos that Edday had posted.

Shiro_muitungu , a fan told Edday that rumours that she had finally accepted polygamy is good, and she should extend an olive branch to Karen Nyamu.

"Sasa umetuonyesha you have accepted polygamy so give Karen her freedom too to post pictures with Samidoh."

Another wrote telling Edday.

sh.amim4457 "@edday_nderitu you are the one forcing issues baba atupe watoto wake juu yako stop forcing issues."

edday_nderitu responded, "@sh.amim4457 😂😂"

The Mugiithi singer for his part also celebrated the young girl and shared a picture of the two with the simple words "happy birthday" on his Instagram stories.

That the couple is celebrating their last-born in such a united way is a surprise considering the marital difficulties that they went through a month ago.

All I can say is that I am happy for them.

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