Vera Sidika on her strained relationship with her husband's baby mamas

Vera revealed Brown Mauzo has several baby mamas who always pick fights with her

Vera is opening up about her strained relationship with Brown Mauzo's baby mamas
Vera Sidika with Brown Mauzo. Vera is opening up about her strained relationship with Brown Mauzo's baby mamas
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Vera Sidika on her strained relationship with her husband's baby mamas

Socialite turned musician and now a reality TV show star Vera Sidika is opening up about the struggles of being with a man who has multiple children with other women.

Vera poured her heart out to her girlfriends during an episode of their reality show, Real Housewives of Nairobi.

The ladies were at an all-white lavish brunch hosted by Posh Palace CEO Susan Kaittany when their conversation shifted to post-divorce arrangements and coping mechanisms, and at that moment Vera poured out her struggles as a stepmom.

She revealed that one of her husband's baby mama was so bitter and angry and would on occasion call Vera to vehemently insult her. 

According to the entrepreneur, the said baby mama acts cordial online but offline she relishes terrorizing Vera.

"You can’t abuse a man’s wife and think it’s cool because you’ll have a baby together…then online they’ll say 'I have no problem with Vera. She seems nice…' yet won’t give me peace,” Vera angrily said.

She admits that at first she didn't know how to handle that and her husband has to fight her fights as Vera to some extent feels like she can’t fight back because the woman is the mother of Brown Mauzo’s child.

Vera Sidika.
Image: Instagram/Vera Sidika.

“This lady will call and abuse me as if I’m the one who got her pregnant until my husband shuts her off and puts her in her place.” Vera ranted to her ladies.

The soon-to-be mom of 2 spoke of her husband's other baby mama Fatma Idha, who has publicly accused him of being a deadbeat dad to their child. Mauzo and Fatma were married before he and Vera got together and share a three-year-old daughter.

According to Vera, the whole situation is draining for her as she has never been with a man who has kids before, leaving alone with different baby mamas. Plus she sees how it takes a toll on her husband especially when the women keep their kids away from him.

Vera added that the artist hasn't seen one of his kids for close to 2 years apparently Mauzo has tried to see his children despite these challenges. He even goes to their school, but they have changed schools multiple times.

Brewing with curiosity, one of Vera’s co-cast members Sonal quipped if the socialite felt that her man's baby mamas were punishing him for choosing Vera.

She revealed that she didn’t think so and either way didn’t blame them for being upset about the situation.

Vera finished off by lamenting that she sometimes feels bad about the situation and wonders why it has to happen to her.

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