'Look at my pure heart and not my looks!' Stevo Simple Boy begs

The artist makes this statement a few weeks after KRG mocked his appearance

Piece by: Moses Sagwe

• The rapper has been able to become one of the most recognisable musicians in Kenya despite attacks about the way he looks.

Stevo Simple Boy.
Image: Instagram/Stevo Simple Boy.

Rapper Stevo Simple Boy has advised his fans not to judge him based on his looks, saying that he has a pure soul.

Stevo, who has been ridiculed on the internet for a long time due to his facial features emphasized that it is time for people to look at the soul or the heart instead of ending just the appearance.

The artist from Kibera uploaded a video where he partially wrote in French and translated that he loves his fans who accept him without any criteria.

"Papa matulinga Papa kamirigado papa malovidovi.. J'aime mes fans Tthat is, I love the fans a lot) Apana look at the look, look at the spirit, boy pure spirit," Stevo Simple Boy advised.

His post comes a few weeks after he was mocked by dancehall artiste KRG The Don. Krg attacked Stevo after the rapper claimed that he did not know who he was and did not understand why he was being compared to him online.

Answering him, Krg said that the only job he can give Stevo is to make him a scarecrow to scare the animals that destroy the plants in the field.

"Your appearance is very scary to compare yourself to a handsome person like me. You are sitting like a scarecrow, the thing is treated like a watermelon, just poke holes in it," KRG said those mocking words which, however, did not please many of the internet users.

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