KRG: Why I referred to Stevo Simple Boy as a scarecrow

The musician is of the opinion that Stevo is not as talented as he is

• Stevo Simple Boy had said he doesn't know who KRG is.

• KRG says he gave Stevo what he wanted after starting the beef.

Steve Simple Boy and KRG the Don

KRG The Don has responded to fans who think he went too far when he referred to Stevo Simple Boy as a scarecrow.

In an interview with Kalondu Musyimi, Don defended himself saying he had also been called all types of names.

"Many ask me why I am light-skinned, others say a man should not be light-skinned and troll me about it. Andrew Kibe has been calling me a donkey for the longest time," he said

Adding "Stevo started the beef, I was just chilling. One thing about me is that when you start beefing with me, I will give you the clout you want and I will come for you. I don't know who is advising Stevo, whether his management or not but he tried the wrong people."

When asked how he feels when people say Stevo s more talented than he is, Don said, "Kenyans love to watch funny-looking people. You watch his songs because of his looks, nothing more."

KRG has released 'Mambo Imechemka' a song that features Dufla Diligon and Uganda's Daddy Andre.

Watch the exclusive interview;

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