Size 8: I pray before Twa Twa

Size 8 says she prays whenever she is not in the mood for intimacy.

• They have two kids.

• Size 8 and DJ Mo have been married for 10 years.

Size 8 and Dj Mo
Image: courtesy

City Pastor Linet Munyasia alias Size 8 has revealed why she sometimes prays before she and her hubby DJ Mo get intimate.

She was speaking during a session on Diana Chacha's YouTube channel.

"I have learned the importance of sex to a man. 

People think pastors don't get intimate but we do. It is important to men and that is why sometimes even when you are in the mood you ask God to help you.

As women, we sometimes are not in the mood. When I see he is in the mood and is not I pray and ask the holy spirit to get my mood to his level.

I also pray for him ' I ask God to give him strength as I want to enjoy."

How does DJ MO get his wife in the 'mood'

"I first gauge her depending on whether we were on good terms or not.

If I text her and she responds well, I then start marinating her. I send her sweet texts, maybe send her some cash or buy her stuff including chocolate. 

I second the boda guy to deliver the package."

Asked what if he does that and she still plays hard to get, Mo shared

"She can't refuse, I know my personality."

In 2019, Pastor Susan Munene advised couples to be praying before getting intimate.

"It is very important to pray for this game because the origin of this game is God, so if it is God who initiated this game then we have to pray about it," she advised amid cheers from the gathering. 

The enthusiastic and highly passionate preacher went ahead to teach the gathering how they should pray before and after the act.

"Father in the name of Jesus, we thank you because we want to begin your game and Lord I thank you because of the husband. Lord cause strength, more power and more manifestation in Jesus name, twende kazi (let's begin)," she demonstrated. 

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