I saw Size 8 dancing and knew she would be my wife - DJ Mo

Mo and Size 8 have some interesting memories about their life together

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Dj Mo told that he was captivated and knew then that that woman would be his wife.

• The couple is blessed with two kids. 

Size 8 and Dj Mo
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Singer Size 8 in her former life was a secular singer who thrilled fans with her dance moves.

These dance moves got the attention of then-little-known DJ Mo whose heart skipped a beat.

Dj Mo told that he was captivated and knew then that that woman would be his wife.

Joining YouTube couple Diana Chacha and her husband, Size 8 and DJ Mo were excited to take part in a game about God, love, in-laws, and more topics.

One of the questions written on a piece of paper was 'what was the first impression when you saw her/him?'

DJ Mo was amused because he recalled seeing a picture of her (Size 8) dance style and he confessed that he wanted that experience.

He cheekily told "niliona ni kaa niliona picha na mtu, nikaangalia nikasema pale naona future, nikaona atanitigngizia hivo, "

His wife laughed. 

She reminded him that he made the same confession to his close pal MC Jessy at the time and got excited when his dream came true.

"MC Jessy said DJ MO aliniona kwa video akaona huu ni wife yangu, an hanijui,"

Size 8 on her part said she thought Dj Mo was a joker. Her first impression however turned out to be wrong as she confessed.

"I thought he was a joke coz at that time I was going through a bad season. 

"I didnt feel like I wanted a relationship. I was seeing all men as jokers, actually, my sister told me he wouldn't disappoint me,"

Size 8 told that Dj Mo has grown as a man. She praised him for being very romantic these days as opposed to earlier in their life when he was timid.

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