Muthoni Mukiri is searching for her cat's baby daddy

Have you seen him? Muthoni Mukiri needs help

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• The missing father is needed back ASAP.

• The lifestyle coach delivered her own bundle of joy recently. Her son is called Zen.

muthoni wa mukiri smiling
muthoni wa mukiri smiling

Muthoni Mukiri is celebrating the birth of five kittens.

Her cat delivered a litter of kittens that made the former TV personality delighted.

However, one detail is concerning, according to Muthoni.

The male responsible for the pregnancy is missing in action.

The kittens are so cute. And she is such a good mother" she wrote

The deadbeat father left the female cat to hustle on her own, and it's too much for Muthoni.

She jokingly wrote on her social media that she needs help tracing the deadbeat cat.

"She doesn't leave them. The baby daddy is grey in color. We are looking for him. We need child support" she shared her agony over the situation.

Meanwhile, Muthoni is also a new mum.

The lifestyle coach delivered her own bundle of joy recently. Her son is called Zen.

Muthoni and her husband Isaac shared a baby reveal video of their son, exciting netizens.

"Welcome to our world - Zen Ng’ang’a Njoroge. The past couple of weeks has been pure bliss since you came into our lives. #purebundleofjoy #latestadditiontothefamily #motherhood #parenthood," she captioned the video.

Muthoni currently hosts a skincare show on KTN, where she announced she was making a TV comeback.

She formerly worked for Inooro TV.

Muthoni and Isaac got married in 2021. This is their first child together.

Congratulations once again to Muthoni, plus her cat.

May the family enjoy their parenting journey.

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