'Later or never' Raburu's ex-wife Marya on when she will get kids

Marya Prude says she is making money first before considering getting babies.

• Marya Prude married her ex-husband Willis Raburu at age 23.

• She said she regretted getting married early.

The ex-wife to Willis Raburu has confirmed she is in a new relationship.
Marya Prude. The ex-wife to Willis Raburu has confirmed she is in a new relationship.

During a recent Q&A session on her Instagram, fans Willis Raburu's ex-wife Marya Prude has finnaly confirmed she is dating someone new.

Marya has kept her relationship private to avoid public scrutiny.

 “Are you dating?” Questioned a fan

Marya responded in the affirmative

 “Shemeji amepokea simu,” implying that her in-law had received the greetings from her significant other.

Marya said she wasn't showing off her man on social media ,joking that people should let him breath?

A fan had wanted Marya to show us a photo of her man to satisfy her fan's curiosity and need for gossip.

“Si utuonyeshe shemeji wambea tunaumia,”

Marya turned down the request before sarcastically adding

 “Mtakuwa tuu sawa. Acha shemeji apumue angalau.”

( Show us our in-law. We are eager to meet him. We are on edge, sis)

Marya says having another child is something she will have to discuss with her new partner.

“Any plans kuongeza karembo sibling ama sai mama needs time for herself?” a fan asked.

To which Marya responded

“Mama is working on her bag right now. Children will come later or never. Tutaona na shemeji,” Marya said.

Marya and Willis Raburu lost a child in the past.

"My baby died in the womb after a few complications," Marya said.

"I was in the 39th week of pregnancy and so I was in labour for about 14 hours. I gave birth normally after pushing three times but the baby came out dead."

The couple had hoped to meet their baby after they lost the first pregnancy through a miscarriage at nine weeks.

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