• Vera has clapped back at people who claims Mauzo cannot manage her lifestyle

• Vera said she has always loved doing things for herself

Vera Sidika with Brown Mauzo.
Image: Instagram

Vera Sidika is not happy with her haters who keep saying that she finances her hubby Brown Mauzo.

It all started when Vera denied that her gender reveal party was sponsored.

Fans have been sending her messages claiming that she spoils herself since her hubby, Brown Mauzo cannot afford to pay for her expensive lifestyle.

Vera clapped back at her haters claiming that she loves being an independent woman who not only depends on men to live a good life.

"Whether hubby paid or I paid so what?????? If someone decides to pay for their child's party. Is it not their baby ?” Ain't that nice they're independent. Y'all r used to people that flaunt things their men can afford to do for them & when he's not in the picture they can't keep up the lifestyle.

"An independent woman is a major flex. Cause regardless of whether a man is in her life or not. her life stays the same. My lifestyle has stayed the same for 10 years straight whether in a relationship or single. coz I'm independent.

"You'll never see my crown slip coz I earned it I wasn't handed it. When did being an independent woman become a bad thing?? ft, y'all are so confused u don't even know what story to run by. Is it sponsored or is it that I paid for it? A beg please pick a struggle."

In yet another post, Vera said her hubby has other sources of wealth apart from music.

"Btw call should know better. If you only knew the assets my hubby has. you'll sit quietly in a village. He's just not the type to flaunt or talk. Him being an artist doesn't mean he ain't got his shit together my friend. Call live in a society where u drive range rovers & own no properties & think that's a flex. Some people invest in important things & never make noise. I'm loud I know. My man ain't. And coz he ain't doesn't mean he ain't got his life well put together. Y'all know I'm smart enough to make the right decisions. so move on."

Vera Sidika denies that she finances her hubby
Vera Sidika denies that she finances her hubby
Vera Sidika denies that she finances her hubby
Vera Sidika denies that she finances her hubby

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