Prezzo- Biggest mistake women make is using kids as bait

Prezzo manages Makini Herbal Clinics which was founded by his late dad.

• Prezzo says he has learned a lot of lessons form losing his dad at a tender age.

Rapper Prezzo
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Prezzo has talked about losing his dad.

He lost his dad at a tender age.

Speaking during an appearance on Cate Rira's podcast, he shared;

"Losing my dad at an early age made me become a man at an early age.

I always felt the need to protect my mum, she is also beautiful and I had to fight some battles for her.

One of my uncles played a very big role in bringing me up, were it not for him I would be a loose cannon."

He also called out women who hide kids from their dads.

"The biggest mistake women do is using kids as bait. That is being selfish.

I see my kids from time to time. I decided I would not be a prisoner because of situations.

If you have someone's child, nothing can change that fact. It is easier to have a mutual understanding of how we can best provide for the kid.

Don't make it difficult for me to see the kid."

Does he work?

"I go to the office like three times a week, I work with Makini Herbal Clinic.

Makini was founded by my dad before I was even born. I came to appreciate it because it has made me achieve a lot of things."

Prezzo also talked about his failed marriage and the lessons he learned

He expressed regret for spending Sh 4.6 million on his wedding with his ex-wife Daisy. 

Speaking on Cate Rira's POV podcast, the musician said that life experience has taught him a lot and he wishes that he could do some things differently, e.g like revising the budget of his wedding being on of them.

His wish is that he did a low-budget wedding at the Attorney General's office in the company of his brother as a witness. 

"You live and you learn life teaches you about some things and you say if I could do it again I would do some things differently. I would go to the Attorney General's office with my brother Steve as a witness," the 'Ma fans' hitmaker recounted.

In contrition, he further wished that he heed his mother's advice of creating a committee to support him financially as a lot of Kenyans do.

''The sad thing is that my mother told me, you have so many friends why don't you have a committee for the wedding and I said, 'Mehn when I was meeting this lady they weren't there, at the end of the day you know me am a man who stands my own ground'." 

Prezzo whose real name is Jackson Ngechu divorced his first wife and mother of his child Daisy Jematia Kiplagat back in 2013 after they got married at a colourful ceremony in 2008.

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