KRG The Don - Huddah Monroe is not my type

KRG has three kids with different baby mamas.

• Huddah has in the past been against dating African men.

• She has on several occasions blasted them for being too stingy.

Krg says Huddah Monroe is not his type.
KRG the Don Krg says Huddah Monroe is not his type.
Image: Instagram

Dancehall star KRG The Don has said Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe is not his type.

According to the father of three, he loves women who are heavily endowed.

During a Date, marry, or smash game with Morning Kiss presenter Oga Obinna and Sheila Kwamboka, Don shared;

"I would date Amber Ray, Smash Vera Sidika, and pass Huddah.

My type is heavy machines, Huddah is very petite."

Would he smash Femi One?

"Ssaru I would smash, Femi One I would pass and I would date Brandy Maina."

In a recent video on her Instagram, Huddah said she has never understood if Kenyan men are broke or they are just stingy.

According to Huddah, men who want to spend time with her, should at least fuel her car or even just spoil her with some money.

"You want to spend time with me, have a drink with me or get to know me. You can't send me money to fuel my car or even buy lipstick," she said.

Huddah added that even her ex-boyfriend who was broke like a church mouse used to buy her things with the little he had.

"Even my ex-boyfriend who was very broke used to spoil me by buying chips yet he did not have money. I am used to being spoilt from when I was a young girl. Use money. Why should you pile up your money."

Huddah alleged that some men are billionaires but cannot spend money on people yet they might have earned it illegally.

"You are stealing from the government yet you do not want to give out that money. You will die and leave that money to hear. You go for a holiday in Dubai once a year yet you have so much money."

Huddah Monroe.
Image: Instagram

She also warned against dating/marrying a mama's boy a man who can never do anything in life without consulting their mum even when unnecessary.

According to Huddah, if you meet such a man, run and do not look back

”Number one red flag when you meet a guy is that grown a$s man who stays on phone for hours with mommy…. Lol Like wtf?

Huddah justified herself by quoting the bible which supports a man leaving his parents to become one with the woman they want to spend their life with.

"Even the Bible says, man, shall leave his father and mother, and be with his wife. And become one flesh. Get the fvck outta that relationship sis.”

In conclusion, Huddah says most men considered mama's boys never change

"And no lies told, most mommas boys are very useless men to date, esp the ones whose mothers are alone. Don’t waste your time my sistaz! She is there until the end of time. The son will only really settle when she is no more or she finds a husband.”

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