Sam West- Share your talent for free to start earning money

• Sam West offers free motivational speaking services to schools and Institutions of higher learning.

• He has so far offered his services to more than 600 schools.

Sam West.
Image: Instagram/Sam West.

  Ever wondered why your talent are not bringing you any money?

Everybody is talented in one way or the other, the problem with most people is how to monetize those talents.

Skills can be learned and practiced, but with talent, you either have it or you don’t. 

While some have been brave enough to delve into the unkown some of us are afraid of facing the unknown.

Motivational speaker Sam West now says for one to benefit from their gift, they must be willing to share it with the people.

"The reason you are not receiving resources from your gift is because you are not sharing it. Gifts are like a tree.

The fruits bore by a tree are not meant to be eaten by the tree but by other people."

Sam further added

"Start sharing your gift for free and with time you will be able to monetize it."

In lay mans language , you can volunteer to help where necessary. it is through such activities that a potential employer will notice you.

Being a motivational speaker, Sam West has been able to offer his motivational speaking services to more than 600 schools.

He does so to help curb the negative vices in the society such as masturbation, teen pregnancies and drug use among teenagers.

Below are ways to help you monetize your talent/gift

Assess your talents

Focus on anything that you feel "comes naturally" to you.

Consider activities and qualities that you are proud of, that people compliment you on, and that you have received professional recognition for. 

List your marketable skills

These should be skills you can turn into a side business

For a business to find customers and succeed, it needs to provide something valuable. Specifically, your skills should fill a need people have.

Personalize your service to a specific target market

Get specific by focusing on a particular industry or niche group that helps you stand out and get noticed when people are searching for your service.

Package your knowledge

Packaging helps potential customers recognize that your service is uniquely a good deal.

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