Tiktoker Mummie Francie, met her bae on a Whatsapp group

Mummie Francie is trolled and called barren

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• The tiktoker is married to an older man
• They had a traditional wedding

Tiktoker Mummie Francie with her husband.


Coast based tiktoker Mummie Francie is adored by her online fans.

The business woman is also famous for twerking and selling skin lightening creams, among other items.

Francisca Mamu Mbaya recently did a fundraiser with Nasra the comedian for hunger stricken Kenyans in Wajir that raised over sh600k in February 27.

"I started tiktok in 2021, with biashara ya mkorogo, watu wajipauwe, and then I found fame"

She told Mwende Macharia on Radio Maisha that she is married to a mubaba who treats her like a Queen.

"My first hustle I was a twerker kwa road shows, in clubs I was even a dancer for Susumila"

She was a mtumba clothes dealer in Kongowea. The hardship of selling wares in the hot sun darkened her skin.

She did not like it and a friend gave her a mixture to lighten her skin.

It backfired. "I was beautiful but dark " she told

"so kuanza kimkorogo ilikuwa bahati mbaya. ile unaenda kushauri warafiki ati jamani nisaidie yani naeza paka nini ili nikae fiti yani rangi yangu ikarudi "

The product was horrible

"rangi ikaja yani nikajiangalia mwili weuh nimekatika michirizi imenikata kunikata, nika panic.

Kidogo kidogo nakaa ngombe wa gradi nimepauka". she continued 

She had to inform her husband who was working in Qatar.She begged him not to be shocked by how she looks when he returns to Kenya

"ukirudi mwnzangu usinikatae nikubali, hali imebadilika" He enrolled in her in Nigerian classes to learn how to make the right mixture.

Mummie confessed that she got marrie to her mubaba when she was 20 years old. she is now 28.

He was not her first love "but the love I have for him is more than that first love"

Her first love was a single father who broke her heart "mwenzangu alikuwa mfupi kama parachuchu na ufupi wake, weuh mtu alikuwa na mtoto alafu anaichezea mimi. Right now my mubaba is enjoying, my exe is regretting"

They met on a random whatsapp group where friends were adding each other. She claims the group is for childhood friends.

"ile ya wanijua wacha ni ku add group"

She DM'd him and was thoroughly embarrassed because he ignored her.

He ignored her for many months and the blue ticks humiliated her.

She angrily archived what she had texted him.

Despite her anger, she later unblocked him again then found he had been greeting her for 6 months. He invited her out for dates, but she had not forgotten his blue ticks.

She stood him up four times to teach him a lesson.

"inauma ndugu yangu"

The two have been inseparable since.

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