Muthoni wa Mukiri addresses fans curious whether she delivered normally or via CS

Here are things Muthoni wa Mukiri is being asked after deliverying her son

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

•Muthoni Mukiri  gave birth to a baby boy days ago.
•The announcement was made on Wednesday March 15

Muthoni wa Mukiri. She has made a TV comeback after two years hiatus.
Image: Instagram

Any celebrity birth announcement most often than not leads to an obsession with how she delivered.while some answer, others chose to keep it private.

Life coach Muthoni wa Mukiri has been inundated with questions from curious fans about her delivery process.

The celebrity announced she gave birth to a bay boy on Wednesday, March 15.

Taking to her Instagram, Muthoni shared a video revealing the cute video won over her fans who congratulated her on her safe birth process.

"Welcome to our world - Zen Ng’ang’a Njoroge. The past couple of weeks has been pure bliss since you came into our lives. #purebundleofjoy #latestadditiontothefamily #motherhood #parenthood"

She has since followed that up with an update that it's sleepless nights

"The way I have been missing in action in these streets. Nitarudi na ubaya ni venye huku kwangu tuko marathon juu ya haka kamtu but we love it"

She thanked her family, more so her sister for providing the much-needed help.

" At the hosi was all comfort lots of help and routine until you get home and you realize this is it. It's beautiful and intense"

Now the question she is getting is just how did she welcome her child.

Was it CS or normal birth? She responded

"Watu wa was it normal ama CS wameingia kwa dm. Why is knowing the mode of delivery important to you?" she asked

She continued

"Kumbe those who were traumatized by pregnancy are these many? Wueh!

Anyway we thank God sharing your experiences doesn't mean you are not grateful for the blessing"

She was grateful though for the inquiries

"Thanks a lot for your congratulatory msgs and kind words. Wale pia mnasema niwekwe birth control, nawapenda pia" she laughed about it.

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