Amber Ray's sweet message to her unborn baby

Amber Ray's gender reveal party was held Saturday March 11

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

•She is expecting a baby girl
• Her family is excited for the new addition

amber ray message after baby shower
amber ray message after baby shower


Days after her lavish gender reveal, Amber Ray has penned a lovely note to her unborn baby.

On her social media pages, Amber captioned a series of bare pregnancy photos showcasing how far along her pregnancy is.

Cradling her unborn baby, Amber wrote

"Is there life after birth my love, I may not be able to answer in words you understand right now, but it is a reminder that as human beings we have forgotten our intuitional powers to communicate with the world around us. I know you know this, but I want to put it here as a reminder for me." The mother of one shared.

Additionally, amber told her unborn baby that

"There is life after the one you have now! In this new life, there will be more light than you have there, you will eat with your mouth and walk with your legs, you will learn to cry and you will learn to laugh.

Your emotions will create your thoughts and your heart will show you the way. As I feel you in me today, may you feel me in you all your life 🤗 #amberthebrand"

Last weekend, the much anticipated gender reveal went down at a local hotel.

First she posed beside a billboard erected to announced her party. From there she headed to a local airport where a helicopter service awaited her.

Amber arrived in helicopter, with her fiance Kennedy Rapudo. The two disembarked and walked amid cheers to the venue.

From there the party went down, and in her you tube channel, Amber shows how she was feted.

Her fiance showered her with bundles of money, as others told how how happy they were that her dreams to find love and have another child have come true.

To cap off the wonderful day, the gender of the baby was revealed as Amber's son Gavin and Rapudo's sister showed pink smoke.

Rapudo hugged Amber who appeared delighted that her expectations had come true.

"I say it’s ok to be extra. I say it’s ok to be extravagant, I say it’s ok to be with a man who knows what he wants in life for that becomes your way too," She wrote

.She is expecting a baby girl
.She is expecting a baby girl


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