Jimal's sister calls out Amira for lying to the public

Jamal and Amira recently divorced

• Leila Adeen has called her out for exposing private family issues to bloggers.

• Leila said Amira was bringing shame to their family.

Jamal's sister and Amira
Jamal's sister and Amira
Image: courtesy

Amira's sister-in-law, Leila Adeen has called her out for exposing private family issues to bloggers.

According to Leila, Amira was bringing shame to their family.

She faults her ex-sister-in-law for digging for public sympathy using specific screenshots and hiding the truth.

"Girl you know I supported you from the beginning until you started sharing some things about my family to a blogger. That you crossed the line as well. Even that u still had your back. You took a specific screenshot so people can feel sorry for you while you hide the truth..."

Leila added:

"...I was there for you thru thick and thin even though I was millions of miles away. You try so hard to put people on the blast with your so called receipts but you're bringing attention to all your issues, flaws and insecurities. Guess what we all have problems but we don't air our dirty laundry out in public."

Amira has on countless instances shared details of her failed marriage with Jamal, placing all the blame on her ex-husband.

The couple has since divorced and gone their separate ways but still co-parenting, which Amira claims is not as rosy as it looks on social media.

Amira went live to give a blow-by-blow account on what transpired between when she decided to marry Jamal and when the businessman started cheating on her with Amber Ray.

Amira alleged that at one time, she lost her pregnancy after he beat her.

Jamal denied those allegations.

Through screenshots Amira also alleged that Jamal was not providing for their kids.

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