Harmonize promises his baby mama 3 major gifts

Konde Boy made it clear that he does not take Shanteel's love for granted.


• The two share a daughter together who is called Zuuh.

Harmonize with his daughter.
Image: Instagram

Bongo star Rajab Abdul Kahali aka Harmonize has praised co-parent, Official Shanteel after using their daughter Zuuh Konde's page to wish him a happy birthday.

On Wednesday, Shanteel wrote a sweet birthday message to the singer on behalf of her daughter. In that message, Zuuh recognized the presence of her father in her life and their good relationship.

"Happy Birthday Dad! Thank you for everything you gave me. Every day you are there for me father and best friend too. There is no other relationship like ours. I love you dad @harmonize_tz," the message read.

Konde Boy was touched by the message and pointed out that his co-parent was the one who wrote the message for their daughter and thus thanked her.

"Mama Zurekha, thank you for touching my life. I know Zuu cannot write all this, but this means a lot to me," he said.

At the same time, the Kondegang boss pointed out that his co-parent has always wanted them to be together.

He also made it clear that he never takes Shanteel's love for granted.

"When Zuuh grows up, she will see and know how much you wanted her parents to be together!!! Although if you plan with the Almighty God, he plans.

As is clear, we have never been lovers like that but I promise you that life has taught me to see you as valuable and I deserve to change your life as you did to me to be called father."

Following this, Kondeboy promised to reward the other parent with a car, house, and business in the next two months.

The Bongo star celebrated his 29th birthday on Wednesday, March 15. Although it is not known if they ever officially dated, Harmonize and Official Shanteel shared something together that led to the birth of their beautiful daughter, Zuuh Konde in 2019.

Zuuh is the only child of the famous Bongo musician.

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