Vanessa Mdee's son praises Rotimi for serenading his sister

beautiful moment singing to his newborn daughter

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Baby Imani is a few days old.

• The two singers live in America.

Rotimi with Vanessa Mdee.
Image: Instagram

Baby Imani is one of the luckiest girls in the world. The newborn daughter to Nigerian singer Rotimi and Vanessa Mdee is receiving lots of love and affection from her popular parents.

In their latest Instastories, the singer croons for his daughter, as their firstborn son listens to dad while holding baby Imani on his chest as she sleeps.

"I wanna thank you for sunshine, thank you for rain thank you for joy, thank you for pain. It's a beautiful day," he delightedly sings.

In the background, we hear their son congratulate his dad for doing a good job. The praise has warmed the hearts of social media users who think the dad of two is doing a fabulous job.

"Good one," Seven is heard saying.

baby imani
baby imani

Rotimi then penned about his joy and the simple things that warm his heart.

"Sometimes We Neglect To Be Thankful For The Smallest & The Simplest Things … As I Sat With My Babygirl On My Chest And My Son Sat With His Mom It Filled My Heart & It Just Reminded Me That No Matter What Noise Is Happening Outside Of Your Life That God Has The Power To Silence It All With Your Blessings You Just Have To Willing To Listen And Be Ready To Welcome Them In - Happy Sunday."

Vanessa has also been sharing snippets of moments together with the latest of her holding her baby as she captions it "a house full of joy".

From the background noises, we know it is her son playing with someone, as Vanessa looks lovingly at the people in the background.

Vee and Rotimi welcomed their first child, Seven, in September 2021. The two kept the pregnancy under wraps until just one month before their son was born.

Rotimi and Mdee announced their engagement in December 2020 after meeting at an Essence Festival afterparty in New Orleans.

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