• He is saddened by her death
• Priscah died hours after celebrating her birthday.

The Late Priscah Mwaro and Ex-Hubby Ababu Namwamba during their happy days.


An employee of CS Ababu Namwmba has paid glowing tribute to his late wife Prisca, who was found death recently.

The employee by the name Bondia Madaras took to his Facebook page to express shock and grief about her demise.

He has remembered her as a good hearted and generous woman.

"The name Madam remained so to indicate the deep respect I had for her. In all campaign activities or events in the field, outside and inside Bunyala, I made sure she gets solid and sufficient security at all political functions, harambee and even entertaining with her husband or alone all the hours, whenever needed.

Prisca was a pillar and an important link who contributed greatly to the success of her husband's political journey against many women in this country. For all the years I was around her, it was hard to know that Madam was upset, because she was always full of smiles even when things were tough."

He had worked for her for 20 years, in what has been a wonderful opportunity to work for her.

"The news of Prisca Mwaro's death has reached me with great shock and surprise, I am shocked and left with pain.

For more than 20 years that I knew her, from when she was dating to marriage and even living as wife and husband to my former dossier, I never called her by name, but whenever I was sent to her or she sent me, I called her Madam. I gave her the respect and honor she deserved all the time when I was her husband's bodyguard, from when she was a fiancee, wife until their separation. "

She loved her husbands workers and treated them respectfully.

"Despite being of age, she was my mother and parent to me and also unbiased.

Every time you went to her house to visit her husband for work, the first thing she would ask you if you have eaten, and the moment you open your eyes and hesitate to answer she would tell you if they prepare food for you first.

She was a generous mother with a good heart. And even when we needed something from her husband, she would advise us and give us a secret when is the best time to ask something from her husband and we get it quickly, that is a proof that she loved her husband's workers and treated them as her children."

The late Priscah Mwaro with her husband Ababu Namwamba.

He is calling for speedy investigation into her death.

"Prisca for the first time let me call her name as I burst into tears, she was a strong woman despite so much fear and pain.

She was a person of secret and didn't like to talk to people about his pain."

He says these last days they talked adding he is glad he was there to listen to what

"Recently, she looked for me on messenger and told me about the troublesome things that gave her  pain in her heart.

When she saw that I was not communicating, she decided to call me and we talked for about 37 minutes.

In our conversation, as an adult I felt that she was stressed.

She wanted counselling and therapy.

As his ex-worker,I encouraged and motivated her,gave her hope and advise. Her death shocked me because I didn't know that was the last conversation."

May God rest your soul in peace mother.

Habari za kifo chake Prisca Mwaro zimenifika kwa mshituko na mshangao mkubwa, nimeshikwa na butwa na bumbuwazi na...

Posted by Bondia Madaras on Wednesday, March 8, 2023

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