Jua Cali and I parted for months in 2022- Lily Asigo

• Lily is married to Jua Cali.

• She says people don't have to post everything they are going through on social media.

Juliani with his wife Lily Asigo.
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Lily Asigo, wife to legendary rapper Jua Cali says the couple had broken up last year.

She however did not share the reason behind the breakup.

Speaking during her appearance on the segment Gumzo La Sato with Lofti Matambo, she shared

"Jua Cali and I had parted for months and no one knew about it. We are very private people. It is good to take time and resolve issues.

You don't have to post everything."

Months ago Asigo got netizens talking when she wrote that couples should practice intimacy at least four times a week.

Her post elicited mixed reactions with some agreeing with her while some thought four times a week was way too much given how busy people are trying to make ends meet.

Speaking to SPMBuzz, Asigo said she didn’t expect her post to blow up and get people talking, but reiterated that couples need to communicate the need to practice intimacy regularly.

“I did not (expect the reaction). It was a surprise I woke up and my phone was just buzzing. I asked my husband, 'I’m I trending somewhere?'” she said.

"To say the truth I have made it to Edgar Obare’s page but I need to say the truth about Edgar Obare. Edgar Obare is powerful whenever he puts something positive you get the attention, if it is negative, you’ll also get the attention so we should do positive things so that he can also promote positive stuff.”

She added, "Me saying we should exercise intimacy four times a week it’s healthy, yeah it’s positive. Everyone had their own opinion but for me, it is healthy to have intimacy and you need to communicate with your partner, to find out if once a week is enough or if four times a week is enough or not because most couples are not on the same page when it comes to intimacy.”

Asked about his thoughts, JuaCali echoed his wife’s sentiments saying she targeted couples and that he believes intimacy is the glue that binds couples together.

“When I read what my wife wrote my heart skipped a bit but I said most couples will understand the statement but for the average people and those who are single. So basically I felt this thing has targeted couples who are living together and intimacy glues lovers and the more you do it the tighter the glue becomes,” JuaCali said.

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