15 reasons Raila Odinga is calling for mass protest (List)

Raila said that Ruto must stop over taxation for Kenya to economically recover.


• Raila said that the government must lower the cost of living or leave office.

President William Ruto and Raila Odinga

Azimio leader Raila Odinga has declared mass action against the Kenya Kwanza government following a lapse of a 14 day ultimatum he 9 had given President William Ruto. 

Raila said they have invoked the provisions of the Constitution to launch a massive peaceful movement of defiance against an illegitimate government.

"Take note that on the 20th of March 2023, we have a date with destiny in Nairobi. On that day our supporters throughout the country shall stage a massive procession in Nairobi for a legitimate and inclusive government. Save the date," Raila said. 

Raila listed 15 reasons to why he has decided to call for a mass action against Ruto's government.

Raila said that there is  high cost of living due to massive looting of public resources and withdrawal of subsidies to food, fuel and education.

He said that the government must lower the cost of living or leave office.

Raila added that over taxation by the  regime is killing  businesses, impoverishing families and damaging opportunities for investments.

He said that Ruto must stop over taxation for Kenya to economically recover.

"The importation of Genetically Modified Organisms(GMOs) by Ruto and company is a scheme to destroy the country’s food basket and to make Kenyans slaves to the American multinationals while enriching his cronies. For this reason, Ruto must go," Raila said.

Raila cited the fourth reason to why he has called for a mass action is the attempt by government to single handedly reconstitute the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission.

He said the government refusal to open servers to affirm the truth is a show of electoral deceit and overthrowing the people’s will.

"The victimization of Commissioners Irene Marsit, Juliana Chereira, Justus Nyang’aya and Francis Wanderi for standing with the truth against former IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati and his cabal in an electoral theft and their removal from office through a kangaroo tribunal was actually meant to create a  Ruto IEBC," he said.

Raila added that Supreme court treated the Azimio One Kenya presidential petition with judicial thuggery and unprofessional politically biased remarks.

The opposition chief said the accumulation of all powers legislative, executive and Judiciary by Ruto is the perfect definition of tyranny and dictatorship.

"Ruto is buying the legislature, influencing the Supreme Court and the sole executive decision maker. This is a dangerous dictator that must not be allowed even a single extra minute in public office," he said.

Raila claimed that for the first time, Kenya is facing a two-tribe regime because only two communities are getting appointed to public service.

Azimio leader said that creation of unconstitutional offices in the public service at the expense of Kenyans is cruel ploy by Ruto to reward allies.

Raila said that the president must stop diving the country along religious lines.

He called out the government for what he called targeted sacking and firing of legitimate public appointments . 

Raila said that the murder of ICC witnesses  

Even though the case was stopped, the murder of the ICC witnesses did not and cannot relieve anyone of responsibility for crimes against humanity.

We know onlytoo well what Ruto is capable of doing. Kenyans will never forget the painful murder of Yebei, Gicheru and the burning of innocent children and women in a church in Kiambaa.

Neither will we forget the deaths of Msando,Jacob Juma, Kinei and others. For this reason, the Butcherof Sugoi must go

Kenya has experienced unparalleled religious harmony which is the envy of the world. The attempt by Ruto to divide this country along religious and sectarianl ines must stop. For this reason, Ruto Must go.

For this reason, Ruto must go.

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