'We still have differences' Thee Pluto finally allowed to see other child with baby mama

Thee Pluto is addressing scamming allegations, his popular youtube show among other personal issues

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

.Pluto talks about co parenting with his baby mama
.Felicity also talks about an apparent breakup

felicity and thee pluto address babay mama claims
felicity and thee pluto address babay mama claims


Content creators Robert Ndegwa Kamau aka Thee Pluto and his fiancee Felicity Wanjiru are confronting rumors that Kenyans have about them.

A fan told them they want the couple to wed "you guys should prepare us wedding, because weuh mm hio ndo nangoja"

"sasa what are we going to tell them" Felicity asks Pluto who responds "lets just save that for now" he said

Does he take care of his baby mama and access his other child? "Last month I was allowed to take my baby at least I spent for the first time more than three hours with her because I spent kitu four five days with her kwa nyumba,"

Felicity reacted to claims that she is bitter and not okay with his situation "her she is ok, she has to be because even before kukatiana, actually first thing I mentioned I started kukatia Felcity I mentioned that I have a kid because hii ni kitu manze" Pluto defended Felicity.

"Like I already knew he had a kid, lakini kuna kitu babe I remember you asking me ati if I was ok havign the child over" She added

Pluto agrees and adds "mimi napenda watoto wangu and before I brought her over to our house I asked Felcity if she was ok nikiendea mtoi nikuje tu spend time"

Felicity assured him she is okay with their arrangment "surely naweza kataa aje na ni mtoto wako?"

Thee Pluto has a first daughter named Sky.

"she has visited once for the entire period we've been with" gesturing at Fel.

"But I look forward to seeing her more often, I just pray we still have alot of diferences here and there, but hio ni mambo ambayo naachia God. Mungu atacontrol"

In 2022, Pluto said he had not been allowed to see his child.

"Like an year ago. Inauma"

They addressed the notion that they scam Kenyans to make money "Like me being young nimesuffer sana. Ungekuwa unafanya kitu kibaya, I think even the DCI would have been on my neck right now. Guys I want you to understand that Content creation has money,"

He cited that Thee Pluto show was the most watched channel in 2022, thus earnign him big money. "It was the most watched youtube channel in Kenya but still you want to question"

He told why he has never gone public with how much he earns on youtuebe.

His main reason? "You see the reason you cant shwo the earnigns for now the reason is you see when I go to sanitize peopel with think that Pluto is using them to make money"

EH says this perception has led to him keeping it private "For my content it involves peoples lives, these are people I dotn want that perfsont o feel liek I am making money through them, one day it wont take me too long before I exit social media, it wont take me alot of time before I exit social media"

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