Why King Kaka decided Nana Owiti was a keeper

Kaka recently shared a TBT of him and wife Nana

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

•Kenyans were wowed by their journey

•King Kaka explaisn why they looked that way in the picture

King Kaka and Nana Owiti
Image: Courtesy

On February 19, King Kaka shared with Kenyans a TBT picture of him and Nana Owiti.

The CEO of Kaka Empire did not explain what was happening, he only chose to praise his wife Nana for being by his side all these years.

"Weuh watu hutoka mbali. Very many years back. That’s me and my best friend @nanaowiti after a gig pale kwa shuttle headed back to Nairobi." he wrote below the photo.

Kaka has now opened up about the TBT, in a tell-all interview with Dr Ofwenenek on TV47 on Feb 22.

He told Ofweneke that the two of them were from the bus station where they had taken a matatu to Kitale for a show.

Nana has accompanied the then-rising star because they were friends. He had friend zoned her, but it appeared like they were dating.

He told her

"Unajua Inlikua nashangaa huyu ni dame gani anataka kuchukua picha na mimi "

To win her over, they had to be friends first

"In the space of entertainment you don't know who to trust"

He knew after a few months she was a keeper

"I saw huu dame ni different, nika mfriend zone, na usicomplain"

He had been paid sh30,000 for performing. They were at bus station looking for a shuttle back to Nairobi.

"hapa ni Kitale niemtoka gig I think there was a University gig, and I asked her if she would take me, tukapanda shuttle pale Afya Centre , tumefika Kitale tukafanya gig"

They left to return to Nairobi "I had been paid 30k, niko na madam hapo saa hii tumeenda bus station kutafuta shuttle ya kurudi."

That bag he told Ofweneke was his decpy for n one to know he was the singer.

On that particular picture, they had been dating for two years, and Na awas piling on the pressure to define their relationship.

"Ukijua Nana ni mjanja naona huu dame ni mjanje unajua Nana alikuwa futuristic so it came a time we wanted to move in"

Nana asked him if he was wasting her time or not.

"Aie alinimzliza, I said I like this. She is telling me she wants to plan for a family mapema "

He was so impressed by her attitude he agreed to her plans.

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