How Kenyan power couples make their money

Many celebs are using their popularity to help make them money


•  Working as a couple is a genius idea, If working together gets you more money then why not.   

Milly and Kabi wa Jesus
Image: Instagram

For those already in the limelight such as actors, musicians, comedians, and Influencers, finding a spouse who is just as influential is the secret ingredient to combining their bargaining power.

Working as a couple is a genius idea and if working together gets you more money then why not.   

Most of the Kenyan celebrity couples who have shown that working together makes the dream work are below;

1.  Njugush and Celestine

They are both in the marketing and entertainment industry. They produce most of their content jointly like Cele's reflection and their Dereva series.

Due to their influence and huge following on social media, they have both received lucrative endorsement deals.

The couple has worked with brands like Bountiful Safaris and Kenchic. They also do separate deals like Celestine's Bournvita and Naivas and Njugush with Safaricom and Equity.

2. Diana Marua and Bahati

The pair gets their biggest checks from brand deals and ambassadorship whereby the couple has worked with big companies like Raha Premium Maize Meal, Vivo Smartphone, and brand influencers for Wasafibet among many others.

They have also worked together in the show "Being Bahati" which used to be aired on NTV.

Bahati with Diana Marua.
Image: Instagram

Both have a collective number of 5.7 million followers on Instagram and separate YouTube channels with huge subscriptions.

3.  Milly Wajesus  and Kabi Wajesus

They are digital content creators and brand influencers who have worked together with big companies and brands like Bonfires Adventures, big land companies and also have a joint YouTube channel with over 500k subscribers with millions of views.

Kabi Wa Jesus
Image: instagram

The couple has shown that they are strong and unstoppable despite online trolls. They instead take that opportunity to post more content together and do more brand partnerships.

4.  Nameless and Wahu

Both being musicians, it took them almost two decades to work together in the music industry but eventually they released a hot jam called " Te Amor" in 2022.

They also collaborated on a Showmax series compiling their life called, "This Love" which premiered in May 2021.

Being a nonchaotic online power couple, many Kenyans admire and look up to them.

Wahu and Nameless
Image: Instagram

5. Georgina Njenga and Tyler Mbaya (Baha)

The young couple has shown that age is just a number and no matter your age, one can still start a family and grow together as a couple.

Tyler Mbaya
Image: instagram

The duo does almost all of their videos together with Baha being there for the mom of his only child during the crazy scandal that engulfed her this year.

Their YouTube channel has about  250k subscribers and they have also worked with brands like Expeditions Maasai Safaris, Nice and Lovely and photographers like Mwendwaphotography.

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