Kabi WaJesus hints that Milly is pregnant again (photo)

Fans are still divided at whether they are pregnant again

• The two last year were blessed with a baby girl, who they have introduced on the internet recently.

Kabi WaJesus with Milly WaJesus.
Image: Instagram

Content creator Kabi WaJesus has caused excitement online after his latest post online that featured his wife Milly WaJesus.

The reason for the glee is that the image Kabi put up was a photo from an old pregnancy photo shoot. sparking theories that she might be pregnant with their third law.

His Instagram caption read,

"Thank you Jesus for the fruit of the womb.I pray for you Today may all your plans bare fruits in Jesus name.#21daysofthanksgiving2023#NiJesus"

The post did what it intended to do with some congratulating the couple while others wondered whether it was indeed a pregnant announcement.

Check out some of the comments below;

wambui_wa_naivashaMay God bless every Waiting Womb❤️. Mum of Angel's, Pregnant mum's and all mum's in genera

cherry._mutheu Tena? 😮😮😮

anyanjecaroline Hata hajapona vizuri,I mean kurudi tight vizuri

nazshizz Indeed in Gods times He makes thing beautiful #Ni Jesus all the way❤️

miss_munywoki Wueeeeh enyewe mapema ndio best, all the best the kabis

watima2020 My favourite people i'am happy

aaliyah__khxn_Inserts DJ Khaled's voice: Another one 😄. Congratulations 👏✨✨

The couple is known for synchronizing their important posts, but Milly didn't seem to be in on the act with her own post being one celebrating her two kids. No hint about getting a child from that direction.

But keen followers of Kabi know that the man wants another child and even said as much in his New Year's message where he wrote,

"I believe that this is the year of access, access to things that you have being praying for, access to happiness, access to good health, access to love and laugh, access to the mind of God through a relationship with the Holy Spirit in Jesus name.Naona pia 2023 na access baby number 3 😉 @millywajesus ðŸ˜"

So are they pregnant with their third baby? Only they know.

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