'I am not a drunkard' Karen Nyamu shuts off rumours

Karen Nyamu says she enjoys her drink occasionally.

• Karen Nyamu was involved in drama with Edday Nderitu

Karen Nyamu with Samidoh in the happy past.
Image: Twitter

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has refuted claims she is a drunkard.

According to the Oxford Dictionary a drunkard is a person who is habitually drunk.

She was responding to the drama that ensued in Dubai when she got involved in a spat with Samidoh's wife Edday Nderitu.

Speaking during an interview with Vybez Radio,she narrated

"I am not a drunkard but I enjoy my Heineken once in a while.

On that day I drank makali. People assume I drink every day but I don't.

I am a social drinker. That day (Dubai) was wild but I do not regret it."

How does she handle trolling and social media bullying?

"I got into the limelight through negative trending.

Jacob Juma had died and I knew him, it was alleged I was a gold digger and that he had been killed because of me.

It was too much and I couldn't understand how strangers could have so much bile.

There is nothing you can tell me to break me now, I have outgrown the bullying."

Would she quit social media?

"I cannot leave social media."

 Nyamu took to Facebook and said she does not want drama in 2023.

"Muniombee 2023 mi staki drama," she posted.

Nyamu further blamed her dramatic behaviour on the fact that she was intoxicated and resolved to stop drinking alcohol in the coming year.   

"Pombe sio supu,"she said. 

"Lakini nimeacha pombe, 2023 hio ndio resolution. No alcohol for me," Nyamu said. 

This loosely translates to "alcohol is not soup. I have stopped drinking. That is my 2023 resolution."

She added that she will not leave her baby daddy and that they must take care of their children together. 

Nyamu further said on the night she caused drama at Samidoh's performance in Dubai, they had woken up from the same bed.  

"Unaamka na mtu alafu jioni drama," Nyamu said. 

This comes after waking up to find herself trending and being tagged all over social media.

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