Meet cute lady proposing marriage to comedian Mulamwah (photo)

Woman explains to the comedian why she's perfect match for him

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• The comedian has not indicated if he is currently single.

• A content creator Dem Wa FB claims the two are dating.

mulamwahs indecent proposal
mulamwahs indecent proposal

Mulamwah seems very impressed with a woman proposing marriage to him. The comedian has shared a detailed message from a woman proposing matrimony to him.

It appears that the woman thinks the comedian is among Kenya's most eligible bachelors since his break up last year with baby mama Carrol Muthoni.

In his Instagram stories, Mulamwah shows a woman holding a piece of paper where she compliments him.

"Mulamwah nataka unioe," she begins.

She shares why she believes she should shoot her shot at him

"Mimi ni wife material, kutoka ukambani, Am Faith Vaati Musyoki aka Zubeidah."

She further adds that he is her type, and they are both perfect matches.

"Nikikuona kwa picha sipati usingizi," Faith shares.

And to cap off the proposal, she provides her phone number for him to reach out, and take things to the next level.

Mulamwah's response to her detailed message?

"Weh, ok," plus a shy emoji.

The cute lady hitting on Mulamwah.
Image: Instagram

Late last year, Kendrick Mulamwah and Dem Wa Fb teased Kenyans a lot about possibly dating each other 

He was also linked to another woman but denied it. He spent a better part of late 2022 regaling us about his single life with tales about the dry spell and being single.

We hope this is the year that he opens up to someone else and gives love a chance once again.

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