KOT desperately looking for man who travelled 500km to deliver flowers to gf

Many are wondering whether the gesture backfired?

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Kevin Mboya is trending after saying he would be delivering flowers to his bae.

• KOT wants to know where he has disappeared to?

Kevin Mboya.
Image: Instagram

A man named Kevin Mboya is trending online simply because Kenyans want to know why he has maintained online silence since he made a viral tweet.

Two days ago, Kevin told Kenyans on Twitter that he was travelling from Nairobi to Kwale to deliver a bouquet of flowers to his girlfriend.

She lives in Kwale which is 500 kilometres from Nairobi. His sweet gesture to the love of his life impressed many who wished him well on that long journey.

Kevin promised to update Kenyans on how the long trip to show his love went.

But he has been on radio silence since then. Sadly, there has been a leaked screenshot of a conversation between Kevin and the girl he went to surprise. It's not good guys.

She tells him to return o Nairobi after he found her in another man's arms. The leaked conversation begins when she demands he stops incessantly calling her after finding her in another man's arms.

Woman: Kevo stop calling me beb. It's over we are done for real.

Kevin: How could you do this to me? After all we've been through you chose a complete stranger over me.

Woman: Take back your mitumba flowers. I didnt ask for them. This 'stranger' is more of a man than you will ever be ata nikikuomba 200 ya pads ni mastory tu.

Kevin: Nikiwa poa hua nakupea ata nakulipia rent na kubuyia nguo sometimes mtu hukosa beb.

Woman: I just cant do this anymore and you shoud've told me in advance unakuja sio kunistukiza kama chokora.

Woman: Get over it. Act like a man, don't you ever bring drama to my house again ever!

The conversation ends there.

Kenyans are tagging him on his Twitter account demanding to know if he successfully delivered the red roses. He is not responding to anyone.

Thus his trending online as Kenyans online seek to know his whereabouts.

Even hotels and Airbnb's want to know where he is as they also have amazing free stay offers for the lovely happy couple.

Below are some jokes plus genuine comments of concern from Kenyans.

@NyabutoM......Once Kevin Mboya get back from kwale he has to go through enhanced adherence session not ensure he doesn't repeat his simpy mistakes. Flowers achia nyuki bana.

@Bookten8...My brother Kevin Mboya , I am not a prolific writer but I know you are reading this from The toilet.Even the dumpest man in Uganda knows that women are not good people. Flowers are for bees to make honey. If you've ever loved, you can love and be loved again.

@NiWainaina_.....Kevin Mboya should tell us what happened? Ama he got the best surprise ever akatusahau. But at least brands are using his tweet for mileage purposes. Wamtumie kakitu before akue chokoraa huko kwale.

@DjJoeMfalme...In honor of my G Kevin Mboya… I’ll be releasing a this mix in honor of Love and Valentines… Hadi I’ve named it #CupidEdition aki mapenzi wewe …

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