Why Nicah is furious at singer who allegedly tried to give her Sh200k

The curvaceous singer turned down sh200k from Ohangla singer who has a crush on her

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Nicah says he has been calling her late at night.

• She says he offered her free holidays.

nicah the queen tells emma jalamo to stop sabotaging her marriage to dj slavher
nicah the queen tells emma jalamo to stop sabotaging her marriage to dj slavher

Gospel singer Nicah The Queen has alleged that Ohangla musician Emma Jalamo sent her unsolicited cash and free holiday offers that she turned down.

Austine Odhiambo, known by his stage name, Emma Jalamo, is a Kenyan Luo-Ohangla singer and songwriter.

Taking to her Instagram to call him out, Nicah angrily told him off for allegedly trying to end her relationship with Dj Slahver, her fiance.

"I know this will look bad on me but I don’t want to lose my relationship @emmajalamo please please I’m in a serious relationship and you are causing me problems with my man!"

Below is a post made by Emma on his Instagram page where he compliments Nicca in Jaluo. "Jaoda tururu kitu kipya 😋" which loosely translated means, "My wife,  tururu, something good."

Emma Jalamo's Instagram post.
Image: Screengrab

Nicca went on to claim that the late-night calls were an attempt to sabotage her beautiful relationship.

"You started with calls at weird hours of the night now it has escalated to you posting me on Facebook…The other day you sent me 200k on my M-PESA causing my man to think we have something going on! I reimbursed the cash to you and if that was not enough you saw my posts on Instagram and followed me to Mombasa offering me tickets to Malaysia and a blank cheque!"

Nicah and her man were recently in Mombasa for a family vacation. They treated their fans to cute cozy pictures, leaving the impression all was well.

But there were problems between the couple behind the scenes. Apparently, Emma Jalamo followed the couple to Mombasa, and Slahver was not happy about it.

"Please I’m not a socialite or a gold digger to accept such offers!I told you I’m engaged and all you kept saying was you don’t care…Slahver walked out on me and the kids in Mombasa and till now I have not set my eyes on him! @slahverdon if you see this…"

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