• Cartoon Comedian thirsting over Nyashinski in her new song ,' Enough'

• She is heard claiming how she wants to have steamy sessions with the artist.

Cartoon Comedian.
Image: Instagram

Cartoon Comedian has dropped a new song,' Enough' where she addressed some pressing issues in her life.

Some of the things she touched on are her ex-lover cheating on her and also not caring too much about her haters.

In her new music video song lyrics, she is heard claiming how she wants to have steamy sessions with the artist.

"Kuna vitu lazima ni do- kama kufu*k the GOAT Nyashinski, Cartoon comedian said in her lyrics.

"I make enough money. I don't care about the hate. I take forever to heal."

Nyashinski is a popular music artist who is a happily married man to Zia and the two have two children.

Cartoon comedian and her boyfriend Mbagiruh, also her producer, parted ways after Cartoon accused him of cheating in 2022.

A few months ago, she also said that she was ready to date fellow comedian Edwin Butita days after the latter parted ways with Eunice Njoki alias Mammito.

Akinyi publicly opened up saying that she was willing to date the comedian, which even caught the attention of Butita.

“Tag celeb unaona tunaeza match me na choose ule wa Netflix (Tag a celebrity you think we can match; I choose the Netflix one),” posted Akinyi.

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