Trio Mio responds to KOT about his KCSE results

KOT wants to know how Trio Mio performed in his KCSE exam

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• The singer is among over 800k candidates who sat the national exam

• Congratulations to all candidates receiving results today - Trio Mio 

trio mio kcse 2022
trio mio kcse 2022

Kenyan rapper Trio Mio is among the over 800K candidates who sat for their 2022 KCSE exams.

The results for the national exam were released on Friday, January 20, with Kenyans, excited to know how candidates performed.

Trio is yet to announce his results and is trending online.

However, he has put a message of encouragement to his fellow candidates saying they did their best. 

"Congratulations to all candidates receiving results today. We all did our best to get to this milestone. Ndo life inaanza na nawawishia kismat in all you intend to do next 💯❤️," Trio shared. 

The messages come at a time, a section of Kenyans have come out to assure him that all will be well as he was being cyberbullied online.

Events Guru Chris Kirwa is among those with encouraging words for the teen.

"To those trolling @triomio_official 4 whatever results he got: He might not have scored straight As, he will not be carried shoulder high, media headlines won’t scream his name as a top student," Kirwa captioned a picture of Trio Mio.

He added; "But in a few years he will employ top A Students as his managers - Soon Bro!You will need them to manage your business. Take time and celebrate them Straight A Students bro. Ignore them, short-sighted people. We need each other"

Trio Mio responded to Chris saying "Thank you!🙏🏼"

According to many under his response, they are assuring him that the grade is not what determines his future but what he does to succeed later.

politiciantv243mimi; nilipita KCSE but saa hii niko jobless @triomio_official grade si kitu but success ya njee humatter nipe kazi ya accountant i manage your cashflow

levy_de.starboy@triomio_official keep your head high,ata wenye wancriticise wengine uliwashinda....wengine unawashinda kihela,wakwende huko

noninimgengetrueYour I CAN is more important than your IQ #Impotantor

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trio mio tells kot about his kcse 2022 results
trio mio tells kot about his kcse 2022 results

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