Breakdown of the 2022 KCSE results from A to E

Last year, 884,263 candidates sat the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education.

• A total of 271 female students scored straight As, while 875 male students also got straights As.

• 12, 760 female students got Es while 18, 062 male student got the same grade (E)

CS Ezekiel Machogu

Education CS Ezekiel Machogu has officially released the 2022 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) results.

Following the announcement, candidates can now access their results through the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) website.

"Candidates will collect their results from respective examination centres," Machogu said.

Those using the portal are advised to head to the KCSE tab and select the year they sat the national exams and enter their Index number.

For those using the SMS platform, the CS said parents, guardians and students should send their index number, followed by the initials KCSE (in capital letters) to 20076 in order to access the results.

Last year, 884,263 candidates sat the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education.

Male candidates were 405,962 while 420,845 were female.

Here is grades scored by the 2022 KCSE Candidates

A (Plain)

Female: 271

Male: 875

A (Minus)

Female: 1962

Male: 4445

B (Plus)

Female: 6104

Male: 9, 578

B (Plain)

Female: 13,529

Male: 17, 783

B (Minus)

Female:21, 474

Male: 27, 245

C (Plus)

Female: 33, 138

Male: 36, 950

C (Plain)

Female: 49, 191

Male: 45, 963

C (Minus)

Female: 62, 599

Male: 56, 469

D (Plus)

Female: 70, 238

Male: 64, 783

D (Plain)

Female: 79, 935

Male: 75, 545 

D (Minus)

Female: 84, 075

Male: 83, 683


Female: 12, 760

Male: 18, 062

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