Diamond to men: Always prepare for women to leave you

The musician has a masculinity tip for his fellow men

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• He argues that his advice is a reason for men to stay dangerous.

• He tells men to always prepare for a woman to leave them.

Diamond Platnumz.
Image: Instagram

Diamond Platnumz has dropped a relationship gem to his fellow men. Taking to his Instagram stories, Diamond shared a reel from a popular social commentator called Alphadogmillionaire.

The singer's reason for sharing the video was for young men to learn. "Young boys, a little lesson for you," his caption read while adding a peace sign.

In the video Diamond shared, the man in the post tells his followers that they should, "Always prepare for women to leave you. I don't care how much money or clout or status you have you must prepare for that day she leaves you."

He added, "One of the realest things I've heard is that she's not your girl, it's just your turn. You must understand that women are controlled by their emotions.

Before adding,

"Y'all could be chilling, vibing, having a good time, a thought could come across her mind, it ain't got nothing to do with you, she got an attitude, or now she in her feelings.

Your girl could be the happiest woman on the planet and wake up one day and decide she doesn't want none of this no more."

He shared, "Every situationship or relationship has an expiration day, so you better be ready for it."

Comments from netizens under the man's video are below;

scorpioqueen_1106I disagree; Learn to understand your partner instead of preparing for her to leave you.

albiruby If you think she is going to leave you, how are you going to give out good real love? This mentality is toxic. Embrace love with all your heart, not with fear and anxiety. Real love doesn't go nowhere. Choose right for you.

_alexia.everett Wrong just so so wrong 😂😂😂. Learn to care about your women’s feelings and express that you care. She needs you to be there emotionally dude. It’s not all about money and fame.

brother.west Hey, I agreed. You, must make sure your money, mind and body is together!! Do, the best you can for your relationship. But, if for some reason, she decides to leave. Then, it won't even matter!!!

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