Wow! Fans amazed at singer Mayonde's cute baby

Mayonde shows off a cute baby dancing on her lap

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Mayonde has been asked by fans questions about 'her baby'.

• She made some clarifications for the young baby boy.

Image: Courtesy

Fans were recently left surprised that Mayonde could have privately given birth to a baby and hidden that huge detail from them.

These thoughts were expressed to her after she shared in a weekend video, a picture of a baby lovingly dancing as she held and gushed over the child.

The singer has been keeping things private only showing her exercise regime that she launched in late 2022.

But for the new year, things are slightly different and she appears to have shown her family on a weekend getaway.

The musician whose real names are Diana Mayonde Nduba was wearing a bathing suit with a towel covering her thighs.

Mayonde in a cute video, shared a cute baby boy jumping on her legs as she held him looking at him lovingly with Amapiano playing in the background.

Taking the video was her husband who sounded happy as well. "He's a dance like his dad" she captions in the video.

Her husband adds "Let's go you know the dance". It appears she surprised her fans who enquired about what appeared to be a silent announcement.

She was forced to clarify that the child is not hers.

"Friends that's not my baby in the previous stories. I'm just a proud auntie. He wasn't a soft launch or announcement of any kind."

Wow! Fans amazed at singer Mayonde's cute baby
Wow! Fans amazed at singer Mayonde's cute baby

The singer is married to Mbithi Masya, a creative director and member of Just a Band. In 2019, she opened up about having children soon after marriage.

Speaking to Malkia Africa Production in 2019, Mayonde opened up about her married life and children, and the other side of me.

She said it is something for the future, adding the two are figuring out how to take care of themselves better and she has not really thought about whether she was ready.

Mayonde is a Kenyan recording Artist and songwriter.

She started out as a backup singer for other established artists and then branched off as a solo artist.

Some of her notable songs are Isukuti Love, Nairobi, Shika, and Rise among many others. She ditched secular for gospel music in a hard-fought decision.

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