'I survived on rotten tomatoes!' Stephen Letoo narrates

The journalist said that he arrived in Nairobi as a poor person with no knowledge of the city

Piece by: Moses Sagwe

• The Citizen TV journalist revealed that in 4 years of university, his pocket were always empty.

Stephen Letoo.
Image: Instagram

Famous Citizen TV reporter Stephen Letoo has opened up about his university life for four years, and how tough it was for him.

Speaking on 'Behind the Mic' with a reporter from a Royal Media organization, Letoo said that he was living in a slum in Kawangware where he really struggled.

Letoo said that he arrived in Nairobi as a poor person with no knowledge of the city while he had high hopes of succeeding academically in the university and relying on his parents for care.

The journalist said that in those days when he was in Kawangware street, he had to buy rotten tomatoes for 50 cents to use them as vegetables for his ugali which he was getting very rarely.

"Life was really difficult without a source of income and support from my parents. I had no money all the time. I stayed in Kawangware and I remember I bought a rotten tomato for 50 cents and I used to eat it with ugali and finish the day. I was in college for four years, that's how bad the situation was for me at that time," Letoo told Mwangi Cynthia.

The famous reporter of political affairs said that he got the inspiration to study journalism due to his father owning a small, defective television in those days when many villagers used to flock to their homes to watch the news.

After breaking into the media industry, Letoo is proud to be one of the famous journalists whom even President Ruto got to send greetings to on his inauguration day due to his speed in tracking and airing campaign news leading up to the general election in August last year.

"I have traveled the world, I have met beautiful and wonderful people, I have had humbling experiences and during the recently ended presidential campaign 2022 I was on the front line reporting events as they happened, which was very exciting, the speed and adrenaline of the campaign was an experience of to learn," he said.

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