Stephen Letoo's alleged 2nd wife speaks up about their viral pictures

On Janaury 5, Letoo addressed viral photo with 'wives'

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• The allegations were so strong that pictures of them looking cozy intrigued many Kenyans.

• Sasha is a famous Tiktoker 

citizen tvs stepehen letoo and alleged wives
citizen tvs stepehen letoo and alleged wives

Sasha is a famous Kenyan Tiktoker, who thrills her fans online. Her real name is Sasha Met aka Metito from Kajiado east.

She is from the Maaa community and studied Interior architecture design.

"Tiktok is something that just came to me. I saw videos one day I tried, left it returned after two years and that's how my fanbase grew. During Covid-period,"

She has over 200K subscribers and her content is more about her culture; "I just lip-sync and sing, I don't necessarily have specific content,".

Masai content is growing "I like my culture a lot and I like people to know I haven't forgotten about my tribe, napenda kufanya hizo za kimasai"

How does she respond to cyberbullying and trolls?

"I don't respond to them. I delete them sometimes. I don't take them seriously those people are probably idle or something, why are you insulting me, so I don't know how to dance, how is that your business?"

"Zipite na upepo, ni kulove me" she told

She is rumored to be Citizen TV Stephen Letoo's second wife.

The media personality has been very vocal about embracing polygamy. He was once married but sadly divorced his wife.

In an interview with Youtuber Nicholas Kioko, Shasha refuted claims that she is dating Letoo. She explained that social media in-laws linked them falsely.

"I've seen the story saying letoo I'm the second wife but that is not true. I am not his wife we are not even dating he is just friends. I've known him for maybe three or five years ago, so he's been, my friend. There is nothing between us maybe three or four years ago"

The allegations were so strong that pictures of them looking cozy intrigued many Kenyans.

"There is nothing between us, nothing at all " she shared again.

Is he aware of this?

"Oh yeah he has also said all those were lies, that we are friends"

Sasha explained the origin of the viral photo where Letoo is seen posing with two women.

"We had gone for a function, na mahali tulikuwa ni function ilitupeleka, it's not like we are dating or anything, I'm not married I'm not even dating him "

She is however dating someone else "Sasa si ukweli usemwe. I'm in a relationship."

Any hopes of marriage? "I have hopes, Pete bado"

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