Man catches pregnant wife in bed with another man during hospital visit

The 24-year old woman had been hospitalized at the local hospital after contracting Malaria.

• The 24-year-old man caught with the man's wife was identified as a roasted meat seller.

A pregnant woman with her partner.
Image: Kei Scampa for Pexels

A man in Uganda is still in shock after he caught his pregnant wife getting intimate with another man in Hospital.

The 24-year-old woman had been hospitalized at the local hospital after contracting Malaria.

The man identified as Alex, a resident of Abwal village in Apac District, randomly decided to visit his wife at Apac Hospital only to catch her red-handed with the man who reportedly gained access to the female wards.

Speaking during an interview with The Monitor, Alex narrated

“I made a surprise visit to the hospital to check on my wife then I found that man in bed with my pregnant wife. She had been admitted because she was suffering from malaria,”

The man is currently being held by police as investigations continue.

When police arrived at the hospital they were initially unsure of what charge to level against the 24-year-old man, a roasted meat seller operating in Apac town, before eventually settling on a charge of causing a public nuisance.

“We have preferred charges of causing public nuisance against the suspect, but we are still investigating and will update you at an appropriate time,” David Wills Ndaula, the Apac District police commander, said on the incident which occurred last week.

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