I'm a cheater-ish - NRG's King Kakala admits

The Radio presenter is getting candid about her new job as a morning presenter, dating and being body shamed

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Kalala this year will be distributing free Sanitary towels through her foundation.

• Kalal hopes to scale the heights in media for the year 2023.

King Kalala

Media personality King Kalala is ruling the airwaves on the NRG's breakfast show.

The vocal presenter joined the breakfast team two weeks ago in changes announced by the company.

Speaking in an interview on tv47 'Home of The Untold Stories.' Kalala said that she is adjusting to hosting the early morning show.

Her biggest challenge; "As in just the conversation to get into the bathroom at 3 am manze ni tough, the getting up and having a life before 4 am"

Opening up about dating, Kalala told that she enjoys it but normally has issues when it comes to cheating.

 Actually, she called it cheating-ish.

Kalala is described as a tough chick. She disclosed that sometimes she shows off her soft side by crying in privacy. She says she would never do it in public.

"Kulia ni lazima usiku tuu and then we strike at dawn"

She recalled crying dearly after her boyfriend dumped her for cheating on him

"Nishailia huyo boy alikuwa mpunk na akaniacha. I cheated on the guy let's just be honest"

What exactly happened that led to the crying incident?

"I am a cheater, cheater-ish, si sana once once" she explained.

"eh maze his friend he was giving -thumbs up- WhatsUp, I said whassup "

How did her boyfriend find out she cheated on him?

"Si of course once you lie, you know the lies become a lot, now they stop making sense okay? You left the house with a T-shirt inside your sweatshirt, but after you come back you don't have the T-shirt. Where did it go? And you were in town " she told that she mumbled an excuse that also didn't make sense "ei ei Im sorry"

That was the end of her relationship.

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