Anerlisa's advice to girls who date married men

Anerlisa has a word for those women known to date married men

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Anerlisa's message is supported by Michelle Ntalami

• If you are dating a married man, here's things you should know.

The business woman has revealed plans to become a mum in 2023.
Anerlisa Muigai. The business woman has revealed plans to become a mum in 2023.
Image: Instagram

Anerlisa Muigai has a message for women who notoriously date married men.

Taking to her Instagram stories Thursday, December 15, the Keroche Heiress penned that

"Moment of silence to those women who come to a relationship thinking they will be better than the wife.

The problem is that you see men looking nice on social media, not knowing that the wife put him together so given that chance you can't maintain that"

Appearing very cheeky about this message, the Nero Water CEO added "I am number one" accompanied by laughing emojis.

The thoughts were wholly supported by Marini Natural CEO Michelle Ntalami who weighed in that "right? Then they want to be back after realizing the other side was trash"

Ntalami also added "pure facts, there's levels to this sh*t.

If you are dating a married man, here are things you should know.

-His wife and children will always come first even if he repeatedly tells you that he doesn’t love her and is with her because of the kids.

- He will never leave his wife for you, don't be deceived

- If he is cheating on his wife, he will likely cheat on you too

-There is a danger of your relationship being exposed

On Wednesday, December 14, KOVU actress Trisha Khalid admitted to having dated a married man and loving sponsors.

 She also advised that such men are only out for one thing and when he is done with you, it will be premium tears.

Content creator Diana Marua also trended recently after an old video of her saying she was a side chick to a married man.

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