Cute things about being twins as Janet Mbugua & brother mark birthday

Janet and her twin brother are fraternal not identical

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Janet and Timothy have a cute relationship

• Here is a tbt on the weird things about being a twin

Janet Mbugua and her twin brother Timothy

Former news anchor Janet Mbugua and her twin brother Timothy are celebrating their birthday today.

The twins have turned a year older and in line with that, they have penned sweet messages to celebrate their big day and being January babies.

The two are fraternal twins, not identical as many assume.

The celebrated media personality took to her Instagram to pen a gratitude note - expressing her joy of turning a year older amidst difficult moments.

"Gratitude: In all things gratitude is key. Even when there's betrayal, anger frustration. Seems like an oxymoron but when you're grateful for every situation, the good, and the bad it allows you to mellow and not rush to make decisions. I'm truly grateful today for my life on my birthday. That's it just being alive and grateful," she wrote.

The message was accompanied by her picture on the beach - looking happy and carefree.

Back in 2017, the two shared little-known details about being twins.

In the video, the two spoke about the weird questions they get asked when they reveal that they have a twin of the opposite sex.

They also talked about the challenges they faced as twins when they were younger if their emotions are connected and the wonderful things about having a twin.

The video was from five years ago when they turned 33 years old. Janet told Tim that she loved being a twin "It's seven years to greatness Tim" referring to the time they will be hitting the fourth floor.

Tim told audiences about the weird thing "So I go to someone and say hey my name is Tim, blah blah nani is family and then it is like oh you are a twin. I'm like yeah and she is a female? are you guys identical? "

Janet then laughed adding; "I don't get it no matter how androgynous someone looks. I think it's pretty hard for a boy and a girl to be identical correct me if I'm wrong "

Timothy agreed to say "I would look terrible in a wig" to which Janet disagreed, "I think you would look okay".

The second question they get asked a lot has to do with if she feels sad when Timothy is sad. "We are not hating on anyone who has ever asked this question, but yes and no. Mostly no, I know there are times when I feel he is not okay and I check on him " Tim endorsed the explanation; "

There are times you have this weird sense that hey let me just find out what's going on with this other human being,".

The third weird and wonderful thing about being a twin for them is whether they belong to some Illuminati group.

Tim and Janet laughed at the Question before saying; "Yeah I have been asked that before but it's a pretty cool club to be in,".

"Maybe we should start like a twin club" he teases Janet as she adds "Yeah it will be a pretty exclusive club guys for twins only," Timothy added. 

The fourth question has to do with growing up and fighting as siblings. Janet admitted to being slightly or mildly violent when she was growing up.

"I don't know where that came from, but I have since changed. I was the feisty one and Tim was mellow but it's true we fought like crazy it was so bad our parents were constantly separating us,".

The last weird thing is "it's cool having an agemate who you can bounce things off" They walk each other through boy and girl issues.

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