Janet Mbugua and ex-husband excite with cute family photos

The couple reunited for the holidays

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Janet and husband sat together witt their children.

• They wore arsenal t shirts.

in the past
Janet Mbugua with Eddie Ndichu in the past
Image: Instagram

Janet Mbugua and her ex-husband Eddie Ndichu appear to have reunited for the holidays in a cute family picture opportunity.

Two pictures posted on social media show happy times for the former couple who appear to be football enthusiasts and fans of Arsenal FC.

Eddie captions it, "Wueh, looking at 2022, #BeStill, #backto building2023, Be2B23." The caption has excited people who say family comes first.

Janet and Eddie are seen sitting on a bench with their two sons beside them. They look on happily making cute faces for the camera.

Janet Mbugua and Eddie Ndichu with family.
Image: Instagram
eddie ndichu and janet mbugua on holiday
eddie ndichu and janet mbugua on holiday

Eddie shared the happy moment captioning how he was looking forward to making things better in 2023.

He could also have been reminiscing about better days before their divorce.

"What looking back in 2022 feels like...'The year was scary with its bold dreams and wild ambitions. We no longer wonder about it. It holds no mystery, no charm. It all will be history soon and we shall move on to another year which will intrigue and keep us guessing. Repeat' ~ @bikozulu. Whatever you went through, you were being planted. The lessons are what you reap. Be Still. Get back to building you and your dreams! Wishing you and yours a healthy and happiest new year 2023."

Back in May 2022, a close source whispered to Mpasho that Janet Mbugua had already started divorce proceedings.

Janet and Eddie Ndichu tied the knot in a colourful wedding ceremony in 2015 at Chaka Ranch in Nyeri county. They allegedly ended their union a few years ago.

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