Meet the twerking Akorino going viral on TikTok

The woman has viral dances on TikTok

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• An Akorino woman is gaining fame on TikTok with her beautiful twerking.

• The woman explained her passion for dancing in spite of her religious restrictions.

akorino twerking on tiktok
akorino twerking on tiktok

A certain Akorino girl is gaining fame on the video app Tiktok (pictured above)

The reason for this is because of her twerking on the popular video app and is now referred to as the twerking Akorino, who is drawing criticism and likes at the same time.

In an interview, the Akorino woman told Nicholas Kioko that her joy is dancing.

Her name is Faith Kafata. She is from Nakuru but lives in Nairobi, and works in Nairobi West Hospital in the finance and account department.

She shares videos on Tiktok twerking, and KOT have a lot of opinions about an Akorino dancing.

Did she feel ashamed? Faith responded, "I don't feel ashamed."

When did she start her career dancing?

"Dancing has always been my passion since I was a kid. My mum bears witness and saw me skills in High School."

But her derriere has sparked interest and elicited mixed reactions to which she said,

"God akikupatia gift unatumia vizuri. You don't want to go to heaven and then you are asked why you didnt use what you were given, so it's a talent. There are others with these gifts but can't shake it, but as for me, it's a talent for me."

twerking akorino on tiktok
twerking akorino on tiktok

Laughing about her online antics, Faith addressed critics of her dancing in spite of her faith telling them,

"My friends encouraged me I can do this, that I can do this, so I decided to try."

But what about the fact that the Akorino are very religious and frown on such displays?

Faith told Kioko that she isn't painting a bad picture of Akorinos.

"Yes there are some things I do online that affect me because there are some people who abuse me but they should understand that waangalie point of view that I am making myself happy, sijakuja hapa kufuruahisha mtu, Me I'm just there to make myself happy."

Adding that,

"I'm not here to gain followers, I am dancing on Tiktok naji satisfy mimi mwenyewe."

She added that she is passionate about dancing as her snatched waist leaves men drooling.

"I'm not doing anything bad as you can check my video na vaa decent, I dress decently and I never show any of my body parts, I am just shaking si dance vibaya."

Faith is currently in a relationship, and her celebrity crush is Otile Brown. Pesh and Carey Priscilla are her role models.

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