Section of Kenyans upset after TikToker Kinuthia's Christmas Day message

He was wearing yellow clothes and said she was a baby girl celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Piece by: Moses Sagwe

• "A baby girl celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ," Kinuthia wrote.

Kelvin Kinuthia.
Image: Instagram

A section of social media users is upset by Tiktok blogger Kelvin Kinuthia's decision to call himself a girl' despite having a historically masculine name.

Kinuthia, whose fame came from wearing female clothes and make-up, uploaded a photo wearing a yellow female outfit and called herself a girl who was celebrating the birth of Jesus, on Christmas day.

"A baby girl celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ," Kinuthia wrote. Although on several occasions Kinuthia has been avoiding the question of speaking about his gender, many still believe that he is a man due to his name.

However, there are those who believe that Kinuthia may be gay but it has never been clearly confirmed.

"Ati baby girl, it's okay then Merry Christmas baby girl," Akoth responded sarcastically.

"The one who bewitched Kinuthia is still alive. The young man struggled a lot," Dennis said.

"You need that Jesus to help you change from a baby girl to a full man. This is a shame," another told him.

"I don't know if we should call you Shiru or not?" Irene asked him.

Several months ago, Kinuthia said that he was looking for someone, although he did not say which person he wanted and he could not make it clear whether it was a man or a woman.

Rumors of the possibility of being gay hit the headlines when he was seen in a video together with another blogger named Mtumba Man, photos of which they deleted a few moments later after people threw all kinds of accusations at them.

Whatever Kinuthia identifies as we should let him be. He is living his life to the fullest, methinks.

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