Justina Syokau's brutally honest reason for wanting Ringtone

The singer said that her desire in 2023 is to find a rich man

Piece by: Moses Sagwe

• Me saying that I was romantically interested in Ringtone didn't mean that it was him, I was interested in Runda - Syokau.

Justina Syokau.
Image: Instagram

Controversial musician Justina Syokau has now denied that she was in love with self-described chairman of gospel music in Kenya, Ringtone Apoko.

According to Justina, when she said that she was romantically interested in Ringtone, she did not mean that she wanted him, but that she wanted the Runda life and the artist's money.

It should be noted that Ringtone has been boasting for a long time that he is the richest artist in Kenya, saying that he owns luxury cars and a mansion in the wealthy neighborhood of Runda.

Justina said that she heard Ringtone saying that he was lonely, and that's why she said that she wanted him, but the reality is that all she wanted was to live in Runda under Ringtone's roof.

“Mwenyekiti wa Gospel alisema ako upweke Runda, mimi nikasema sijafika Runda, mimi kusema kuwa nilikuwa namtamani kimapenzi Ringtone haikuwa na maana kuwa ni yeye, nilikuwa natamani Runda, na pesa. Si Ringtone kwa sababu mimi sina haja na yeye bali nilikuwa na haja na maisha ya Runda na pesa. Simhitaji Ringtone, sema tu nimechoka kulipa kodi ya kila mwezi kwa nyumba,” Syokau said in Kiswahili.

Ringtone at his home.
Image: Instagram

The artist said since Ringtone avoided her, her prayer to God is still there and that she wants a rich man in 2023.

"I am asking God to give me a rich man in 2023, a man to be looked at, a handsome man who has gone to the gym, and a straight body," Justina said.

She indicated that her reason for adding fake hips is that many told her in the past years to wear clothes that hid her form but she didn't find a man and that is why she decided to change tact.

To her, it came as a shock when people attacked her saying that that wasn't the way to glorify God.

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