'2023 ni mwaka wa kupanuliwa!' Justina Syokau sings

It has become the artists norm to release a song just before new years

Piece by: Moses Sagwe

• In her note, she said that in 2023 she will be confirmed and receive blessings without struggling.

Justina Syokau.
Image: Instagram

Controversial gospel singer Justina Syokau is usually never late to come out with a song for the new year, something that has become her norm for the third year in succession.

With only a few days left to say goodbye to the year 2022 and officially welcome the year 2023, Justina did just that and recorded a song for the year 2023.

In the song, Syokau gives hope to those who want to take heart telling them that the coming year will be a great success for everyone who believes and commits.

Syokau goes on to say that the next year will be blessed and more of an extension of the success of Kenyans.

“2023 ni mwaka wa mavuno, ni mwaka wa kupanuliwa. 2023 mimi nitachukua hatamu, utakuwa ni mwaka wa mapato…” (2023 is the year of harvest, it is the year of expansion. 2023 I will take over, it will be a year of income)

The musician who by listening to her for the first time you can't tell if she is singing gospel or world music, also encouraged herself a lot while saying that just like 2020, the next year will also be one of great income for her, saying that she will receive a harvest every month.

"In 2023 I will be confirmed, I will receive blessings without struggling, this year my standards will rise and I will wipe away the tears of last year. My phone will receive good reports, my economy will rise and I will get money and get out of debt,” she sang in part.

The artist recently hit the headlines after emerging with a new look where many noticed that she has increased the size of her hips and behind.

She alleged that she spent no less than Sh3 million of money to achieve the appearance but insisted that she would only be using the look to glorify God.

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