The significant lesson Azziad learnt in 2022

The TikToker is one of the biggest brand influencers in Kenya

• The content creator's message was about walking away from a bad deal.

Azziad Nasenya.
Image: Instagram

Prominent TikToker and brand influencer Azziad Nasenya's New Year message was one that showcased her growth mindset.

In the message that she posted on Instagram, the chocolate-skinned content creator summarized the biggest lesson she had learnt in 2022, which was walking away.

"In 2022 I learnt to walk away from things, people, relationships and even jobs that were not meant for me😊. Sometimes walking away has nothing to do with weakness, and everything to do with strength. We walk away not because we want others to realize our worth and value, but because we finally realize our own," she started.

She added that she had trusted her intuition and prayed that the divine would give her more of that resolve.

"In 2022 I learnt to listen to my Mind, My body And My Conscience and I Pray the Lord Grants me more of this in the new year we will be ushering in. More Grace to walk away from what's not meant for me into what is truly meant for me, humility, kindness, health, wealth and many more."

Azziad Nasenya.
Image: Instagram

Kenyans who responded to the comments agreed with her sentiments and said as much. Check out the comments below;

celestinegachuhi  more grace mamaa

vinny_wa_eldy But usiringe sana love uko kwa wenyewe

wahitotravels This was meant for me....Peace of mind is not anything to trade for....

stefflon_fifi I like it 😌...... peace of mind at all cost 😊❤️

krystal_chakava Heavy on the walking away from jobs not meant for you🙌❤️❤️

wairimu3301 Wise girl with no drama

theetee.nagewitch Well said😍

vascofranciske Never settle for less 💯

Azziad famously guards her dating life similar to the way Lupita Ny'ongo has done over the years and as such we at Mpasho don't know if she is in a relationship at the moment.

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