Azziad speaks of relocating to Europe

The content creator recently graduated from KIMC

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Azziad has repeatedly delayed plans to relocate.

• Part of her reasons for not joining her family abroad are personal.

Image: Instagram

Tiktoker Azziad Nasenya is in Paris, France. The 21-year-old is having a fantastic time vacationing and has been taking fans on a tour of the country.

She was joined by her mother who lives abroad. Azziad is back in Kenya for the Jamhuri day celebrations.

She spoke to Mungai Eve at the Nyayo Stadium about her life;

"I came back two days ago - Saturday- I was not supposed to but I got a job ilifaa nirudi, and then in the middle of it, I was supposed to be here."

Her reason for going to Paris. "I was there Loreal Green initiative." She described the experience as beautiful.

Telling about living without her family in Kenya, Azziad said;

"I think I got used to it because they have been there for a while. I was actually supposed to relocate but I thought about it, some factors, but I was like no let me stay back."

She continued; "But yeah it's crazy sometimes I miss my family but I see them once in a while so it's cool."

Azziad was supposed to have relocated this year in October. She delayed for a couple of reasons as she told Eve saying;

"Actually I was supposed to relocate after form four and then something happened and then I had to stay, then in 2020 then covid happened, you remember it was shut down, then I went viral."

All these factors combined to delay her plans. She has however had a change of heart and declined her family's request to relocate "I was like no, no."

She added that; "I don't know, I think time will tell because you know as time goes by we continue living, and our paths continue changing."

Azziad said that she has worked hard to build her brand in Kenya and may not relocate for that simple reason.

She also added that she loved Kenyan food.

"I travel for a week and I just want ugali na mbuzi fry, so I have a lot of personal factors that I can't air out here."

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